Re: Representative glyphs for combining kannada signs

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2006 - 05:38:49 CST

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    "Philippe Verdy" wrote:

    > From: Peter Constable
    >> Re-ordering of Indic vowels most certainly does work on the Indic scripts
    >> that are supported on XP (which is most of them).

    > Not from my experience, and from many users. Its nearly impossible to get
    > aset of fontsworking with all of them.

    >> Lao and Tibetan are not supported scripts on XP. Lao, Tibetan, Khmer,
    >> Oriya, Sinhala, UCAS - all these will be supported on Vista.

    > Why then giving options to users to set fonts for Lao, Tibetan, Khmer and
    > Sinhala? These options have there in Internet Explorer even before Windows
    > XP was released. WhenXPwas released, thesupport wasstill not there, but
    > thesescripts were still announced in user interface settings. So users
    > thought that these scripts would be finally available in XP. More than 4
    > years later, these scripts are still unsupported, and they won't... Indian
    > customers mat bevery disappointed if they upgraded to XP (or are still
    > upgrading now, given that Vista is still not released) just to try getting
    > this support not working in Windows 98SE or Windows 2000.

    If you get the right version of Uniscribe, Khmer is then reasonably well
    supported. (It doesn't bother me to declare that Catalan is written in the
    Khmer script :) I have Windows XP with a non-standard Uniscribe, and the
    only problem I have with Khmer (apart from editing) is that it too readily
    becomes my active keyboard. Editing is difficult, as it is with all complex
    scripts, though it may be possible to train oneself to exploit Graphite's
    complex cursors.

    The term 'unsupported' probably means that if something does not work no
    obligation to correct it is felt - it does not mean that nothing works.

    IE 6.0 character support is bizarre. I do not understand why it will not
    support the IPA triangular colon U+02D0, I have known a diacritic (tie
    above, I think) change the base character under Word 2000 (it replaced it by
    the next letter in alphabetic order!), and Khmer and UCAS characters (at
    least) all match one another when searching. It may all be a matter of
    keeping it simple - for a single font, Notepad displays better than Word
    2002 or IE 6.0. (In some cases, Word 2002 is handicapped by using an older
    version of Uniscribe.) Attempting to do complex things all too easily
    results in bizarre failures.

    > I did not say that. I said that this support was not complete, and not
    > working for all the announced Indic scripts that are configurable in IE
    > options. If there's noway to configure it correctly for these scripts,
    > these options should simply not be there.

    I disagree. Imperfect support may be better than no support.


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