Punjabi font name in Windows XP

From: N. Ganesan (naa.ganesan@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Mar 19 2006 - 06:50:27 CST

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    We'd like to know the name of the Punjabi unicode font shipped
    with Windows XP machines.

    The reason is that there were newspapers
    in 20th century that had the Tamil abugidas
    with u & uu vowel modifiers split up.
    We have to record that fact in the Unicode
    Standard. That way we can produce those
    newspaper material in the web. Also, like
    Malayalam, the separated u/uu abugidas
    in Tamil enables much ease of learning.
    With growth of English and globalisation,
    Tamil becomes a secondary language/script
    in many Indian homes not to speak of the
    diaspora worldwide. The much simplifictaion
    of u/uu alphasyllabaries of Tamil helps
    to a greater extent the adult literacy
    programs (teaching Tamil script in evening
    classes for blue collar workers in poor
    neighborhoods of India's cities). It's proven research
    that children and adults often forget what
    they were taught about u/uu abugida ligatures,
    if there is a gap of few months.
    So, recording the broken u/uu 'uyirmey'
    in TUS will help Tamil as in Malayalam script.
    Malayalam and Tamil scripts reinforce each other
    with interactions (you can see that in 3 part
    vowel modifier signs & so on. I wrote a proposal
    to add symbols for 10, 100 & 1000 in Malayalam
    which corr. to Tamil code-points which was
    accepted already.) In Tamil unicode googlegroups,
    people recommend their choices of the u/uu
    separate-glyph. One such is U+0A39 and U+0A30.

    Here is full Tirukkural, a holy book of Tamils,

    A praise for unicode in kuRaLveNpaa metrics:
    மலரினਹம் மெல்லிதਹ யਰனிகோட் சீலர்அதன்
    செவ்வி தலைப்படਹ வார்.

    Some people ask us why is U+0A39 and U+0A30
    visible even without installing Arial Unicode MS
    or James' Code2000 etc., My guess is they
    (Ie., WinXP systems) have already a Punjabi font.
    What is that Punjabi font?

    N. Ganesan

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