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Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 13:58:03 CST

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    In order to *display* Burmese text on Windows, you do not need to have NLS data and a Burmese locale. (Note, there is no code page for Burmese.) What you do need is to have support for the script added to Uniscribe and have an OpenType font that is developed in accordance with an as-yet-undefined specification for expectations on glyph sequences and the use of features. I expect that we will implement Burmese rendering support for the next version after Vista.



    Peter Constable



    From: Ngwe Tun []
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    Dear Perter, Members


    I would like to share about burmese issues relating Uniscribe.


    The Latest Uniscribe Ver 1.606.5095.0 supported to shape burmese character in lastest Windows 2000 and Windows XP. In OpenType Table (rlig and kern) features supported render burmese characters according to unicode encoding. But burmese scripts are complex script type and we needed to handle reordering, fallback rendering, cursor movement and word breaking by uniscirbe engine. AFAK, MS needs to implement script specific function on uniscribe. It mean everybody said so *Burmese language not supported*, right?


    And Do we need others setting/implementation for Burmese? I mean NLS data, Locale setting and code page. We have a doubt that somebody said *no need to implement for specific language*, For every language, Microsoft will support Microsoft Locale Builder in next version of vista, is it true for burmese? I guess so Microsoft can't support rendering engine customization in locale builder. I saw this screenshots in


    But Some of Burmese language implementer announced that "Their OpenType Font & Unicoded implementation succeeded in Microsoft Windows." We do not accept condition that OpenType font might be succeeded but uniscribe and input method are needed to implement by Microsoft. ref: *you may see some graphics* (it's wrote down by burmese langauge) So, Please sujjest me that implementation is suitable for long term use. Any how, We need to use for that kinds of implementation, if MS does not implement for burmese.


    Their implementation might be faced some problem when new version of uniscribe implementation for burmese by Microsoft. May be double reordering and some infinite loops in rendering.


    And Let me know basis functions of uniscribe for complex script. We would be avoid some implementation in fonts. We are going to enable Burmese for pango and qt rendering engine. It would be release in next month. So, we can express opentype specification for burmese when succeeded in pango/qt modules.




    Ngwe Tun



    On 3/22/06, Mike Ayers <> wrote:

    Andrew West wrote:

    > What
    > you seem to be saying is that every single MS product that relies on
    > Uniscribe for complex script rendering should have special code
    > written in to overcome the deficiencies of certain versions of
    > Uniscribe, even when the deficiencies did not exist when the code was
    > written. Wow!

           Yeah! How *dare* he imply that a software vendor take full
    responsibility for the end user experience of its products instead of
    shunting blame to a third party!

           Bravo, Peter.



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