Re: Musical symbols

From: Cary Karp (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2006 - 07:07:04 CST

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    Quoting Asmus:

    > It's a set of L-shaped (or inverted) thin lines with the long arm of
    > the L at least as long as the stem and the short end of the L placed
    > below the note head, or above the top end of an up-pointing stem, for
    > the case of an inverted L shape. The entire mark is drawn to the left of
    > these marks seem to always be appplied to the top note(s) on the base
    > staff, and the lower voice on the treble staff.

    This is a form of bracketing which can be used to indicate that
    material notated on one staff in a system is to be read as belonging
    to the adjacent staff. One situation where this might be needed is, as
    you previously surmised, for the clear indication of voice leading
    where it would otherwise be ambiguous.

    Does that adequately explain what you've observed?


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