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Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 09:23:38 CST

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    919, 94D : dead "NG" (NGA + VIRAMA): uses full NGA with subjoined halant by default, or half-form NGA if followed by consonnant, or half-form NGA, unless ligatured with next consonnant.
    915, 93F : live "KI" (KA + I): uses full-KA form, unless ligatured with previous consonnant.

    The choice between full-form NGA with subjoined halant or half-form depends on locale, but by default NGA and KA do not ligate, and traditionnaly NGA has no half-form (or its half-form is identical to its full form so the halant must be shown) because it does not have a danda on the right.

    The vowel I (appearing on right) is reordered before consonnants of the cluster, so we get this rendering:

    Vowel I, NGA with subjoined HALANT, full-form KA, and possibly the two consonnants in a ligature if applicable to the locale.

    This is fully described in Unicode...

    If you insert a ZWJ in the middle you prohibit the possible ligature of NGA and full-form KA, but you force the half-form of NGA if the font has one. Anyway, the vowel I is still reordered before the half-form NGA. There's no dictinction here in Hindi because there's no ligature conjunct for "NG.KA".

    If you insert a ZWNJ, it blocks the reordering of I before dead NGA, but NGA keeps its half-form if ever it has one in the locale (not with the Mangal font for Hindi). You should get:

    NGA with subjoined HALANT, Vowel I, full-form KA.

    This is an alternate orthography, but you'll still read it the same : "NG.K.I"...


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    > Kent Karlsson wrote:
    >> The short-i matra (if fully implemented) glyph should be
    >> displayed to the left of the display of *any* combining
    >> sequence it is applied to.
    > I am not sure this rule is full correct: is <U+0919, U+094D, U+0915, U+093F>
    > one, or two, combining [character] sequences? Where is it spelled out? What
    > if ZWJ or ZWNJ are inserted in the middle?
    > At any rate it is not prescribed by Unicode, it is a rendering issue.

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