Re: DIY OpenType Re-ordering

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 11:00:10 CST

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    From: "Philippe Verdy" <>
    > NGA with subjoined HALANT, Vowel I, full-form KA.
    > This is an alternate orthography, but you'll still read it the same : "NG.K.I"...

    Well, it is not completely exact. This alternate orthography (that would use an intermediate ZWNJ) would create two aksharas instead of one, in words that appear two have two distinct syllables. With the first version, the two consonnants would be morphologically different, and the leading NG could be perceived as a prenasalization of the K, in the same syllable, while the second version would indicate an unwritten small swcha between the two syllables.

    The VIRAMA+ZWNJ then acts as if it was encoding the small schwa, nearly as in English "born killed" with a schwa between the two words, as if the first word had a supplementary phonetic syllable, and opposed to "morning kiss", where the final "ng" is assimilated as a prenasalization of the following "k" and does not create an additional phonetic syllable.

    If the schwa was effectively to be written and spelled explicitly, the simplest way would be to drop the HALANT and ZWNJ, to exhibit the two syllables, "NGA" and "KI", encoded (NGA, KA, I vowel sign) and rendered as (full-form NGA, I matra, full-form KA).

    (I don't know Hindi or Marathi orthographies, so I can't tell a definitive example. This is just an illustration of what such distinctions would allow.)

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