Re: [seasia] Myanmar Redesign Proposal (was: AA versus TALL AA)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Mar 25 2006 - 18:45:07 CST

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    At 00:15 +0000 2006-03-26, Richard Wordingham wrote:

    >If you can justify that statement for the Myanmar script, then you
    >have established the case for separate encoding of AA and TALL AA.
    >That still leaves open the option of doing it by variation
    >selectors, but they can be rendered pointless by the Burmese always
    >using a variation selector. (Pressing an AA key can generate two
    >characters - the generic AA and the appropriate variation selector.)

    This is pseudo-coding. I reject it.

    >Does anyone care to expound the theory of variation selectors?
    >There may be words in white in the TUS saying 'only for unifying CJK
    >variants that the Chinese (or Japanese, especially with surnames)
    >insist are different.'

    You could read TUS.

    >At present there is the significant possibility of ISO/IEC
    >opposition to this disunification.

    You don't speak for WG2.

    >The creation of ASAT in place of the 2-character visible virama and
    >the restriction of virama to a subjoining role immediately
    >invalidates most Unicoded Myanmar script text, including my paltry
    >creations. In principle that's a BAD THING. For myself, I welcome
    >it and look forward to the upgrade of SIL's Padauk font.

    The overwhelming majority of Burmese text on the internet is already
    non-conformant to TUS. Google the character MYANMAR LETTER KA and you
    will see. "Stability" is not an issue here.

    >This sets a dangerous precedent of allowing a separate character for
    >every non-transparent conjunct.

    That's not the reason for GREAT SSA, and "dangerous" is really funny.

    >Should U+1039 MYANMAR SIGN VIRAMA be the conjoiner or the visible sign?

    The change to existing text is smaller if it remains the subjoiner.

    00:45. I'm for bed. And I won't return to this thread on these lists.
    I just can't.

    Michael Everson *

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