Re: How to encode abbreviations [Was: Representative glyphs for combining kannada signs]

From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2006 - 04:37:00 CST

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    Antoine Leca wrote:
    >>the degree after the number above does not designate a o
    > Huh? 1º in French (normally in an enumerative list, mostly used in
    > administrative texts) stands for Latin /primo/ ("first"), 2º for /segundo/
    > ("second") etc. I always took the º to be the final letter of the
    > abbreviation (as in nº, for French /numéro/, itself from Latin /numero/.)
    > But I could be wrong.

    Me too. Similarly 1ª for prima, 2ª for secunda, 3ª for tertia and so on
    in feminine cases.

    Typographically, I understood that it was conventional for ° to be an
    even underline, but for º to allow for greater variation in stroke width
    and shape (perhaps being oval).

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