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From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2006 - 14:37:04 CST

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    James Kass wrote:
    > Kenneth Whistler quoted from 5.0 draft and wrote,
    > > * archaic form of the /au/ dependent vowel
    > > x (malayalam au length mark - 0D57)
    > >
    > > * used alone to write the /au/ dependent vowel in modern texts
    > > x (malayalam vowel sign au - 0D4C)
    > >
    > > That names list has not yet finished QA to be pushed up
    > > into the Unicode 5.0 beta directory, but will be soon.
    > >
    > > At that point, I hope we can quit flogging *this* particular
    > > dead horse and move on to lengthy disquisitions on other
    > > equally disturbing issues. ;-)
    > The text is informative about the chart glyphs shown for the

    No, it is not about the chart glyphs per se. Whatever makes you
    think that?

    > two characters but does not clearly state how the Malayalam
    > vowel sign AU should be encoded in text. Do both reform and
    > traditional Malayalam texts use U+0D4C?


    > The descriptive text under U+0D57 suggests otherwise.

    Yes, that is what has really been quite clear all along, now further
    clarified by the new remarks for these characters.

    How clear does a clear thing have to be made?

                    /kent k

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