Re: Malayalam vowel sign AU

From: Rajeev J Sebastian (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 02:50:32 CST

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    Hello James Kass,

    On Sunday 02 April 2006 13:30, James Kass wrote:
    > Good! They shouldn't be. The text Kenneth Whistler submitted from
    > 5.0 could be construed to suggest that they will become equivalent in
    > Unicode 5.0, though. That's why I asked and what started this thread.
    A cursory look at Whistler's proposal, it seems a good idea ... to me,

    > If it is Unicode's official position that traditional Malayalam
    > use U+0D4C and that reformed Malayalam must use U+0D57,
    > then Malayalam rendering engineers may recommend that
    > traditional Malayalam fonts be designed with traditional
    > AU glyphs at both code positions and reformed fonts with
    > reformed glyphs there.
    I don't think that's how it works. I think Peter Constable and others can
    explain it much better.

    All in all, Whistler's comment that this is a "dead horse" is particularly apt

    Rajeev J Sebastian

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