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From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 03:45:46 CST

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    Rajeev J Sebastian wrote:

    > On Sunday 02 April 2006 13:30, James Kass wrote:
    > > Good! They shouldn't be. The text Kenneth Whistler submitted from
    > > 5.0 could be construed to suggest that they will become equivalent in
    > > Unicode 5.0, though. That's why I asked and what started this thread.

    Ken does NOT suggest they become equivalent. He just formulated
    succinctly part of the things I've tried to explain to James.

    > A cursory look at Whistler's proposal, it seems a good idea

    I agree (after more than a cursory look).

    > > If it is Unicode's official position that traditional Malayalam
    > > use U+0D4C and that reformed Malayalam must use U+0D57,

    That would be it. And it's so obvious that that is how it must work
    that I worry that if you (James) have such a hard time with it, how
    many other more subtle issues in Unicode you've gotten all wrong.

    > > then Malayalam rendering engineers may recommend that
    > > traditional Malayalam fonts be designed with traditional
    > > AU glyphs at both code positions and reformed fonts with
    > > reformed glyphs there.

    Certainly not (and even if someone does recommend that, (s)he
    should not get it, since it is so wrong).

    (Aside: the number of glyphs in table 9-11 is
    so small that it can hardly be too much work to put those
    ligated traditional glyphs (for the case where there is a ZWJ
    just before the vowel mark, and only then) in just about any
    Malayalam font...)

    > All in all, Whistler's comment that this is a "dead horse" is
    > particularly apt here.

    I agree. And I'm getting rather tired of beating this particular
    dead horse, despite James's opposition. I leave it to the UTC
    to make a more official statement on the issue if they so desire
    (and to a certain company to correct its software, incl. fonts,
    specs, and FAQs).

                    /kent k

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