CLDR Survey bug? (currency formating)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 22:55:46 CST

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    Why does the survey tool generate this invalid output from the correct format and input string?


    Locale Data: "#,##0.00 ¤" (correct)

    Example: "-50428.047" → ‎"-50,428,05 XXX"‎ → Unparseable number: "-50,428,05 XXX"

    My opinion is that it should be:

    Example: "-50428.047" → ‎"-50 428,05 XXX"‎ → Unparseable number: "-50428.047"

    The output uses "," from the format string, instead of honoring the group separator (a space for French), and so this produces an unparsable number (because the incorrect comma is the French decimal separator)

    It looks like a bug in the formatting library used, that incorrectly uses the LDML data (which is correct here) when formating the input number with that localized format string.

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