RE: CLDR Survey bug? (currency formating)

From: Keutgen, Walter (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2006 - 03:27:14 CST

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    the problem that you mentioned is also present in [fr_FR]. Indeed when formatting currencies, not only the own currency needs to be formatted and hence even here we find XXX, which is correct so far. But the incorrect thousands separator is there also ( 'symbols group' seems to be a blank.

    And the problem is also present in [fr_BE] ( the symbols group is defined as "." but the example shows:
    #,##0.00 ¤ Examples: Example: 35819.329 → ‎35,819,33 XXX‎ → Unparseable number: "35,819,33 XXX"

    And in [fr_CH] ( the symbols group is defined as "'" but the example shows:
    ¤ #,##0.00;¤-#,##0.00 Examples: Example: -30031.287 → ‎XXX-30,031.29‎ → -30.0
    Moreover, here when 'converting back' the comma is taken as a decimal separator.

    The problem affects only currency display, not other numbers.


    Does somebody know how to verify in the survey tool that the correct currency for a country is entered?
    Is the case of 2 official currencies covered?

    Best regards


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    I did not complain about "XXX" which looks correct for the default international French locale (no specific currency, and "¤" used as the symbol). I complained about the incorrect thousand group separator used ("," instead of space, as indicated in the French locale data), when the correct decimal separator is used (",").

    This is what results in the unparsable formatted number error (too many commas).

    And the case is existant. I just selected the [fr] locale, not [fr_FR] from which it inherits,and where the Euro currency should be overridden.

    So in [fr] the correct formating is effectively

    > Locale Data: "#,##0.00 ¤" (correct)
    > Example: "-50428.047" → ‎"-50 428,05 XXX"‎ → "-50428.047"

    The same locale data string is also correct for [fr_FR] but only the currency is overriden there from another locale resource:

    > Locale Data: "#,##0.00 ¤" (correct)
    > Example: "-50428.047" → ‎"-50 428,05 EUR"‎ → "-50428.047"

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    > Philippe,
    > the XXX (=no currecny) instead of EUR is also incorrect.
    > It seems that the tool often fetches false values in this example display routine. If one looks at currencies sorted by priority, one finds a real mixing of ISO currency codes. See:
    > CHE/displayName euro WIR Example: -10472.603 → ‎-10 472,60 DEM‎ → -10472.6
    > CHE becomes DEM (Deutsche Mark) and the French number format instead of the Swiss one.
    > (-: The pivotal pair of the European Union, France and Germany, rooted in Swiss finance? :-)
    > The case you reported is even worse, as it yields not another but an inexisting format.
    > So bug reports 1001 and 1026 are complementary.
    > Best regards

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