Re: Unicode 5.0 decompositions of Balinese vowel signs with tedung

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2006 - 09:57:05 CST

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    Thanks, that's exactly the 10 characters I reported to you. Will it becorrected before Unicode 5.0 release despite all what the Unicode 5.0 BETA page says about normative properties that won't be fixed now but "after" the release?

    My opinion is that if this is not corrected now (in the BETA period) then it won't be possible to correct it AFTER the release (due to the Unicode Statiblity Pact).

    The indications on the Unicode BETA page is really ennoying, because it introduces a contradiction: this wording states that normative properties are fixed now (already normative and immutable), so there has never been any BETA period to test them, if this policy is followed. A beta is a beta: all should be correctable, including those properties in the main UCD file.

    (Actually, I detected this bug while studying the Unicode 5.0.d1 BETA charts in PDF format, and that's where I noticed that there was no equivalence noted for these characters).

    I will look further on the Ol Chiki and Cham proposals. I hope you have not forgotten canonical decompositions for the new scripts and characters.

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    > Philippe has found a bug: the minutes of Mtg 103 make clear (103-C10) that the properties for Balinese characters were to be as specified in L2/05-090, and those have canonical decompositions for these multi-part vowels.
    > I've checked the UnicodeData.txt properties for Balinese, and the decomposition mappings are the only ones with errors. Here are the corrected entries for the affected characters:
    > 1B06;BALINESE LETTER AKARA TEDUNG;Lo;0;L;1B05 1B35;;;;N;;aa;;;
    > 1B08;BALINESE LETTER IKARA TEDUNG;Lo;0;L;1B07 1B35;;;;N;;ii;;;
    > 1B0A;BALINESE LETTER UKARA TEDUNG;Lo;0;L;1B09 1B35;;;;N;;uu;;;
    > 1B0C;BALINESE LETTER RA REPA TEDUNG;Lo;0;L;1B0B 1B35;;;;N;;vocalic rr;;;
    > 1B12;BALINESE LETTER OKARA TEDUNG;Lo;0;L;1B11 1B35;;;;N;;au;;;
    > 1B3B;BALINESE VOWEL SIGN RA REPA TEDUNG;Mc;0;L;1B3A 1B35;;;;N;;vocalic rr;;;
    > 1B3D;BALINESE VOWEL SIGN LA LENGA TEDUNG;Mc;0;L;1B3C 1B35;;;;N;;vocalic ll;;;
    > 1B40;BALINESE VOWEL SIGN TALING TEDUNG;Mc;0;L;1B3E 1B35;;;;N;;o;;;
    > 1B43;BALINESE VOWEL SIGN PEPET TEDUNG;Mc;0;L;1B42 1B35;;;;N;;;;;

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