preliminary proposal for a new Cyrillic character addition

From: Sergiy Kuzmenko (
Date: Sat Apr 22 2006 - 09:33:54 CST

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    this is a preliminary proposal to add a new Cyrillic character to the
    Unicode standard.

    Character status: historical, used in old Cyrillic based Romanian
    alphabet in XV - XIX cc. Became obsolete for a double reason. In
    Romania Cyrillic alphabet was superseded by a Latin based one in 1860.
    It corresponds to modern Romanian î (0xEE). In eastern Moldova that
    was under Russian rule (nowadays Republic of Moldova) with the
    introduction of the standard script ("grazhdanka") this letter was
    replaced by its closest Russian equivalent ы (0x44B).

    Two older representations (highlighted with white squares): (156 Kb) (98 Kb)

    Standard printed representation and preferred glyph: (27Kb)

    If there are no objections I will proceed with an official proposal.


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