Re: Mysteries in the BMP Roadmap

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri May 12 2006 - 14:04:29 CDT

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    David Faulks asked:

    > When looking at the roadmaps, I notice that there are
    > only a handful of proposed blocks in the BMP that do
    > not have links to some sort of document.
    > These are:
    > Hangul Jamo Ext-B
    > (A4D0 to A4FF)
    > Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Supplement
    > (A660 to A6FF)
    > Hangul Jamo Extended-A
    > (D7B0 to D7FF)
    > Does anyone have any sort of information as to whether
    > anyone is working on plans for these? I seem to recall
    > that there was a considerable discussion here missing
    > syllablics in early 2004 (involving Chris Harvey), but
    > I can find only the briefest discussion of these
    > missing characters on his web site.

    I don't have any specific information regarding any proposals
    for extending the UCA syllabics. But...

    > As for the additional Jamo, does anyone have any idea
    > who might be handling this?

    The ROK National Body has indicated interest in the context
    of the WG2 meetings in bringing in a proposal for adding
    more jamo characters. Given the approximate number of jamos
    they have been talking about -- which would be intended for
    representation of Old Hangul choseong, jungseong, and jongseong --
    the Roadmap additions are simply preliminary allocations of
    a matching number of columns.

    It remains to be seen whether an actual proposal will be
    forthcoming from the ROK NB -- at which time it would become
    a WG2 document and get a link from these entries in the Roadmap.


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