Braille in CLDR

From: Erkki Kolehmainen (
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 01:59:05 CDT

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    Dear All,

    In reference to my earlier correspondence on this:

    The identification of the meaning of the Braille symbols in the various
    cultural (language-country) environments is now tentatively planned for
    implementation in CLDR 1.5 (the Common Locale Data Repository maintained
    by the Unicode Consortium). Since the release of CLDR 1.4 is scheduled
    for 21 June 2006, specification and data collection work on Braille
    symbols for the next release should start without further delay.

    I am, however, in no position to personally commit either local or
    global resources to this effort.


    Erkki I. Kolehmainen
    Coordinator, Cultural Diversity Issues in ICT
    Research Institute for the Languages of Finland (RILF)
    +358 400 825 943,

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