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From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 02:14:09 CDT

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    Erkki Kolehmainen wrote:

    > It would appear that in the past some mechanical transformation has been
    > performed under somewhat erroneous assumptions.

    That's my impression too. I'm not saying that someone should take the
    blame or responsibility, but shouldn't this wrong transformation be
    un-done in a disciplined manner? If that's impossible, then a clear
    message should be sent to anyone involved to check the data on quotation
    marks, with the note that the data in 1.3 is probably wrong for most

    > Incidentally, using CLDR
    > 1.3 tables - when one could see with the Survey Tool what has been
    > proposed and possible already accepted for a given locale in CLDR 1.4 -
    > doesn't sound reasonable to me.

    In the development process, the Survey Tool might be more suitable, but
    CLDR 1.3 is what the Unicode Consortium has announced as the Latest
    Release, and the CLDR main page does not
    even seem to mention the Survey Tool in any prominent manner.

    Personally, I find the Survey Tool presentation style rather hard to
    read. Anyway, it's apparently not meant for simple quick checking of
    what the _current_ _official_ locale data is.

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