Re: Tentative Definition of Casefolding

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 08:26:30 CDT

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    From: "Richard Wordingham" <>
    > 'ffrench', 'ffinch' and 'ffife' are all English surnames. Just google for
    > them! I didn't mean to cause confusion. I'm not aware of this phenomenon
    > in any other language, though surnames beginning with a uncapitalised
    > grammatical word are common enough.

    Wow! If the Unicode standard which is accurate for Standard English deviates from what is expected by those that use deviations from the English standard, then those deviators are really intolerant, if they want standard English to adopt also their deviation: they are speaking another language; so don't blame Unicode if this does not work with this non-English language...

    I'm really not sure that those slang words are so common. I ignored their existence in some vernacular variants of English.

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