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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 13:15:38 CDT

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    Russell Shaw asked:

    > I read the Unicode 4.0 book and CD. Where can i get PDFs of the Annexes
    > such as: ?

    Just to clarify Michael Everson's response a little...

    Version 5.0 of the Unicode Standard will officially be released,
    and we hope that will occur by the end of this month. But that
    release will consist of the freezing of the final version of
    the online data files plus the HTML online versions of
    the Unicode Standard Annexes.

    Because this is a major version of the standard, the Unicode
    Consortium has also revised the rest of the text of the
    standard, the part published as the book. But book publication
    is a long, complex process. The book itself is "in press" at
    this point, but it will be a number of months yet before
    it becomes available in online and in brick and mortar
    bookstores. Our best current estimate is mid-fall.

    The good news is that the book version of Unicode 5.0 will
    contain the printed text of all the Unicode Standard Annexes,
    unlike earlier editions. And those Annexes will also be made
    available as PDFs on the CD-ROM included with the book.

    Ken Whistler

    P.S. PDFs are not available for the Version 4.0 Annexes.

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