Re: PDFs of Unicode Standard Annex

From: Jérémie Hornus (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 17:02:26 CDT

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    Ken Whistler wrote:

    > Version 5.0 of the Unicode Standard will officially be released,
    > and we hope that will occur by the end of this month. But that
    > release will consist of the freezing of the final version of
    > the online data files plus the HTML online versions of
    > the Unicode Standard Annexes.

    Maybe not relevant to this thread, but I noticed a mistake in the
    online PDF of the "Ethiopic Range: 1200-137F"; (Unicode Standard,
    version 4.1).
    A wrong glyph is used for representing the U+1234 (it is actually
    using the glyph of U+1246 on this chart);
    it should be similar to U+1230 but with little "ring" modifier at the
    bottom of the right "stem".
    Anyway worth to be corrected for further versions of this PDF.


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