Draft 3 of beta code charts (final review)

From: Asmus Freytag (asmusf@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2006 - 14:16:20 CDT

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    The third draft of the beta code charts is up on


    This draft makes some minor changes in nameslist annotations, but more
    importantly fixes several font issues that were reported in the
    Combining Marks,
    Greek, Arabic, Arabic Supplement, Ethiopic, Ethiopic Supplement, Greek
    Extended, Ethiopic Extended blocks.

    If you have expertise (or interest) in a particular script, please take
    a look.
    Because of the limitations of machine generated diffs between chart
    we rely on human review to help prevent font regressions.

    This applies to both new and old characters, and to BMP and other planes.

    This is about the very last chance to spot and fix any glyph discrepancies.


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