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    very interesting this dictionnary. So at least Hendrik Doeff et al. considerd around 1825 that the 'ij' ligature was an 'y' and in _handwriting_ they consistently put 2 dots on it, even on the capital at the begin of the page, which has a strnge shape. So, the English did not need to change the spelling when they imported the word "yacht". Or was it the other way round? So, Mr. Pattijn and others were perhaps not wrong, the ministery was.

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    This is a Dutch <> Japanese dictionary from somewhere around 1825 (created by
    Hendrik Doeff et al).

    The page about i:
    The page about j:
    The page about ij, which funnily as head entry is written as y, yet in the
    text itself shows the clearly defined ij ligature and not an y with diaeresis:

    What's clear on the y/ij page is that the ij ligature has the i/ie sound, see
    for example the ijder entry pointing to ieder, but also j like sound, see
    ijagt/ijacht which points to jagt. The same exists in, say, Romanian with the
    io combination in names, which sounds like the Dutch jo combination.

    I am not sure how much this digresses from the Unicode mailinglist charter.

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