Re: accented Latin characters sort order, non-language dependant

From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2006 - 09:57:59 CDT

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    Andreas Prilop wrote:

    > On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Cristian Secară wrote:
    >>I have to make an spreadsheet with a few accented characters and
    >>their coverage for a few languages. How do I sort them alphabetically ?
    > You ignore all accents;

    I respectfully but strongly disagree. To start with, the data apparently
    contains characters or strings that differ only in the use of accents
    (diacritic marks), and they must appear in _some_ order. Ignoring all
    accents is thus not an option.

    > see ISO 7154 and ISO/TR 8393.

    They are bibliographic filing standards from the 1980s. Whatever their
    current applicability in bibliography might be, this does not sound like
    a bibliographic context at all.

    > When you have only "a few accented characters" you don't need
    > to bother whether "â" or "ă" comes first.

    Since they must inevitably appear in _some_ order and since there is no
    compelling reason to put them in a particular order, there is little
    reason not to use the order defined by the Unicode Collating Algorithm.

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