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From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Sat Jul 15 2006 - 11:01:19 CDT

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    Upshur Whittock wrote:

    > In other words, the program doesn't seem to understand that these symbols
    > [Coptic] are part of the font. Is this just that most computer programs
    > haven't caught up to unicode yet, or is there something I can do to teach
    > my computer that these letters are in the font?

    Well, IE6 (IE7 Beta 3 likewise) wouldn't display 'ASCII' characters from a
    hack font until I set the low bit of the OS/2 field ulUnicodeRange1. I
    still had great difficulty typing with it in Word 2002 until I set the low
    bit of
    ulCodePageRange1Bits field in the same table. How does one securely find
    out which bits to use for Coptic?

    It may be that the Greek bit in ulUnicodeRange1 is for both 'Greek and
    Coptic' as tersely described in the documentation of the OS/2 table. (I had
    expected 'Greek and Coptic' to mean just the 'Greek and Coptic' block,
    U+0370 to U+03FF, not to include the Coptic block U+2C80 to U+2CFF.) If I
    mark Coptic text in a web page as using the New Athena Unicode font, it will
    display using the font. If the text is not marked as using that font, I
    just get the undefined glyph symbol. (Deer Park doesn't need to be told the
    font - font substitution works fine.)

    However, I don't know what bit one needs to set to tell Word (future
    versions only?) that the font supports the Coptic script.

    > I can make the characters and put the code in for all the characters, and
    > they show up in the font making program as being part of the font, but
    > when I open a program like Word and try to put the characters in a
    > document, they are nowhere in the "insert symbol" window.

    However, the uncorrected hack font had no problem with the "insert symbol"
    command. Your problem may be related to the similar problem that the
    Windows character map program does not display new Unicode characters.


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