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Date: Mon Jul 17 2006 - 16:35:17 CDT

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    RE: Univarchar, Unichar in SybaseThere's no "raw data" for Chinese. All texts submitted have an encoding andit's up to the client to specify to the database engine which encoding it uses. In Sybase, this is performed during the negociation of the RDBMS session (which may get the default settings by "guessing" from the local environment of the running client interface).

    Sybase (or Microsoft SQLServer, or Oracle, Informix, MySQL, or most other modern RDBMS engines) supports several encodings on the client interface, and will convert the text to the encoding specified at the database creation or engine installation (the conversion may occur internally at the client site in the client library, or at the database server within its communication libraries, or both): this allows connectivity andinteroperability in a heterogeneous network of client systems and servers.

    Note that if the database or engine is not installed with the support of a charset that supports internationalization, not all client-side encodings may be supported, so the session may fail during initialization. If you need internationalization, make sure that the database supports it at its creation (otherwise it won't be able to support all characters, even if you declare the datatype "univerchar" in Sybase).
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      Could some gurus help to answer this question? Thanks.

      When I insert Chinese/Japanese raw data to Sybase unichar / univarchar column, should I insert the raw data (e.g. 海外旅行保険) directly or insert it's Unicode (e.g. E6 B5 B7 E5 A4 96 E6 97 85 E8 A1 8C E4 BF 9D E9 99 BA for UTF-8)??

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