Re: Frequent incorrect guesses by the charset autodetection in IE7

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2006 - 16:38:05 CDT

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    Sinnathurai Srivas wrote:
    > Unicode email is not working properly
    > ISO Email is working properly.
    > Hacked 8bit coding works among vendor opposition.
    I’ve been using UTF-8 in my e-mail for several years now. I don’t know
    what you mean.

    > Unicode desktop publishing is virtually non existent.
    Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress 7,
    Microsoft Publisher, Scribus, Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, XeTeX --
    all use Unicode.

    The only major DTP/graphic applications that don’t support Unicode are
    Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Corel Ventura and Adobe/Macromedia
    Freehand. I wonder if it’s a co-incidence that all these applications
    are practically extinct now, and no longer developed...

    > Unicode word processing works with few vendor applications with
    > immense difficulties.
    Microsoft Word has been using Unicode since 1997. OpenOffice/StarOffice,
    AbiWord, Apple Pages, Apple TextEdit -- all use Unicode. The only major
    wordprocessing software that does not support Unicode is Corel WordPerfect.

    After reading your posts, I come to believe that some time in the 1990s,
    you must have built a time machine and this is your first trip.


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