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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2006 - 20:08:24 CDT

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    From: "Don Osborn" <>
    >> And if you want to check the IANA registry for script codes like Hans
    >> or Hant, see:

    Is it really stable? what is then the stability of the "Suppress-Script:" data in this registry, given that many languages in the registry have an evident single script but no script indication (for example "br": Breton, actually written only in the Latin script, except by a few geeks. Compare to "cy": Welsh, also written only with Latin).

    It looks like the IANA registry only contains data collected by English speaking people, with little or no basic knowledge of the scripts used for most languages, despite the information about the default script for a given language is very well known or easily accessible. On the opposite, it includes languages that were recently encoded (like "bs": Bosnian, with a SuppressScript: Latn attribute, something that is not really evident, as Cyrillic was also used for Bosnian in the time of the former Yugoslavia).

    Where does IANA gets its source of information?

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