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Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 02:29:48 CDT

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    > >>
    > Is it really stable?

    If by "stable", you mean "Can I count on it", yes. The older registry
    (RFC 3066) is deprecated and this is the new one.

    If, by "stable", you mean "immutable", no: of course, the registry can

    > what is then the stability of the "Suppress-Script:" data in this
    > registry, given that many languages in the registry have an evident
    > single script but no script indication (for example "br": Breton,
    > actually written only in the Latin script, except by a few
    > geeks. Compare to "cy": Welsh, also written only with Latin).

    Section 3.4. "Stability of IANA Registry Entries" says:

       7. The field 'Suppress-Script' MAY be added or removed via the
            registration process.

    and the "registration process" is described in section 3.5. To
    summary, you fill in a form and send it to

    > It looks like the IANA registry only contains data collected by
    > English speaking people, with little or no basic knowledge of the
    > scripts used for most languages,

    Wow, you may go too far, here. I'm not an expert myself but several
    people who participed in the process are not from a CroFoCo.

    > Where does IANA gets its source of information?

    The IETF LTRU Working

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