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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2006 - 20:44:20 CDT

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    From: "Michael Hall" <>
    > I don't think users remembering the domain name is an issue in our case.
    > We are more interested in users finding our sites in Google and Baidu
    > than remembering the domain name. The client sells tours and doesn't get
    > return business, not because the tours are no good, it's just the
    > nature of the industry!

    It will be an issue when you'l start to invest for ads on other medias than Internet search engines (notably in specialized magazines of various countries). But may be you'll find a way to buy new domain names for these ads, and add other domain mapping on your webserver, so that "" will resolve exactly like your existing "".

    (For this to work, make sure that your content does not statically reference the domain name in the internal navigation links. Consider making this test now by buying a second domain, and mapping it opn your server as an alias, and then test the navigation using that alias);

    For various reasons, it's a good design to make a website that does not depend from its base domain name, notably because it allows separate development and testing on internal test domains before the final publication on the public web site.

    The other solution for advertizing your website on non-Internet international medias can be also to buy local domain names in the prospected countries, and then install a minimum HTTP redirect (which would require very little maintenance as the supplementary domains will have no actual content), but many users don't like redirects, when they type an URL which is supposed to be in one country, but they get redirected to another website in a domain matching another country (this looks like cheating on multiple domains, and search engines may consider it as a way to "spam" them with more references to the same site, so your site may get negative points).

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