Re: New to Unicode

From: JFC Morfin (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 17:44:19 CDT

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    At 16:17 25/07/2006, Doug Ewell wrote:
    >And as soon as you get to <çais> and
    ><ñol> you are faced with the question of
    >spelling the language names "wrong," or spelling them right and
    >crossing your fingers for IDN support. I think you'll find that
    >most site designers in Michael's situation choose short codes.

    This is not IDNs, but you raise an interesting point. This is why not
    considering IDNs in RFC 3066 Bis was a mistake. You cannot spell a
    word wrong if you enter it properly, but you may not be able to
    document the transliteration you use.
    should be better tagged than fr-latn-x-ascii. If you want to test
    your browser ability to support IDNs, try .

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