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From: JFC Morfin (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 17:40:26 CDT

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    At 18:05 25/07/2006, Addison Phillips wrote:

    >Doug wrote:
    >... but you are left with the question of what language the language
    >names should be in! And as soon as you get to
    ><çais> and <ñol>
    >you are faced with the question of spelling the language names "wrong,"
    >or spelling them right and crossing your fingers for IDN support.
    >One small point: this does not require IDN support. What you are
    >referring to here are IRIs (RFC 3987), which are rather more widely
    >supported. Care must be used, of course, to ensure that the web
    >server is actually provisioned to serve these correctly (I would
    >echo your caution against using this approach.)

    Question of point of view. As a non American person using non ASCII
    languages I would support the caution the other way around: type the
    words as they spell in their script and language. If it does not work
    ask for the problem to be solved.

    What is fun is that this is the law. Products sold in France to
    French consumers must be documented and work in French. This does not
    affect famous trade marks which mostly use international scripts. But
    this affects the use of private names and forenames and common words.

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