Re: New to Unicode

From: Michael Hall (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 08:56:35 CDT

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    Just thought I'd update you guys on these (sub)domains with all text in
    UTF-8 (not the real domain name of course):

    > (en)

    It's only been a week or so but Google has already picked up our pages
    and has almost all on page 1, at or near the top. So we're very happy
    with the results. The empirical evidence suggests that it is a good idea
    to use one subdomain per language (no doubt a separate domain/TLD
    altogther may be even better) and not put 7 languages on one
    multilingual site, no matter how well you manage that site.

    Thanks for the discussion, lots of great info and knotty issues to consider.



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