New Public Review Issue: Stable Normalization Process

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 17:09:24 CDT

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    The Unicode Technical Committee has posted a new issue for public review
    and comment. Details are on the following web page:


    Review period for the new item closes on October 31, 2006.

    Please see the page for links to discussion and relevant documents.
    Briefly, the new issue is:

    95 Stable Normalization Process

    The stability of Unicode normalization has been the subject of a number of
    misunderstandings. In particular, implementers are often unclear about the
    meaning of the stability guarantees for normalization and how they impact
    the handling of normalization of Unicode strings across different versions
    of the Unicode Standard.

    It is proposed to specify a "Stable Normalization Process" to address this
    problem. A background document with details of the proposal is available
    at the following link:


    See also the Public Review Issues page:


    In addition to this new issue, there are two other items of related news:

    * PRI #75, "Proposed Update UTR #25, Unicode Support for Mathematics" is
    being left open until October 31, 2006 for further feedback.

    * PRI #83, " Changing Glyph for U+047C/U+047D Cyrillic Omega with Titlo"
    has been closed. The resolution is available on the Resolved Issues page:

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