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From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 09:32:07 CDT

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    Shariqul Islam Azad - Omi wrote:
    > I have a liitle objection about this:
    > Q: The Bangla "fullstop" is similar to the Devanagari danda (U+0964) both being taken from the Brahmi script, but the corresponding point in the Bengali block at U+09E4 is reserved. To write Bangla end of sentence (dari) what should I use?
    > 1: There is nothing called "Full Stop" in Bangla.
    > 2: The word "similar" doesn't mean same. UTC people should understand/learn that.

    I suspect they have mostly grasped the concepts of "similar" and "same".

    Either they are similar enough that it makes sense to encode them as the
    same character or they aren't. In the first case it's a good thing to
    have this FAQ for people who noting the similarity between the encoding
    of the two scripts expect to find U+09E4 in use in this way. In the
    second case it's a good thing that U+09E4 is reserved so that if
    somebody makes a good case for U+09E4 being so used it won't be taken up
    with some other character.

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