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Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 12:44:16 CDT

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    Andries Brouwer wrote:

    > Now that I look at Uyghur, it seems that U+06BE is no good for
    > Uyghur either, so both Kurdish and Uyghur seem to need a new
    > code point.

    Note that no one has suggested using U+06BE for Kurdish. The Uighur h is an entirely
    different matter, and U+06BE is best for it.

    In Kurdish, one would use U+0647 for h, and U+06DE for the ə.

    > Position: Isol Init Med Final
    > Kurdish H: init init med init
    > Uyghur H: init init med med
    > and
    > Urdu: isol init init isol

    > If the Urdu behaviour is called U+06be, then that is no good
    > for Kurdish and Uyghur. Not only are the shapes rather different,
    > but the distribution of the two shapes over the four positions
    > differs.

    The reason you see something that looks like a medial form in a final position in some
    Uighur publications is that a medial glyph form of U+0647 has been used, often with the
    left connecting stroke filed or cut off (we're talking about metal and phototype
    printing). If you look at Uighur manuscripts, the shaping for h is pretty much identical
    to the Urdu U+06BE, and this is reflected in better publications and more recent fonts.

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