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From: Andries Brouwer (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 07:34:32 CDT

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    On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 08:21:06PM -0700, John Hudson wrote:
    > Andries Brouwer wrote:
    >> I think Uighur uses U+06D5 and U+06BE, but the shaping behaviour
    >> of Kurdish H seem to differ from that of Uighur H.
    > There is currently uncertainty over the correct encoding of the Uighur h.
    > Although U+06BE is the obvious choice based on its shaping, at least some
    > Uighur text seems to use the Arabic heh U+0647, which requires dedicated
    > Uighur fonts or OT language system tag support.
    > The Chinese draft standard for Uighur specifies U+06BE, which seems to me a
    > sensible choice.
    > Note that the preferred Uighur glyph shapes may vary slightly from those
    > used for U+06BE in e.g. Urdu, but the differences are minimal.
    > John Hudson

    Now that I look at Uyghur, it seems that U+06BE is no good for
    Uyghur either, so both Kurdish and Uyghur seem to need a new
    code point.

    As you say, the preferred glyph shapes are very different,
    but one might call that a matter of font. Worse is that
    the shaping behaviour is different.

    Arabic has 4 glyphs: isolated, initial, medial, final heh
    (in fact medial heh has two common shapes, but that may be
    a matter of font).

    Now both Kurdish E and Uyghur E need an isolated form and a
    final form, and they both use isolated heh and final heh.
    Let us call this behaviour U+06d5. No problem there.

    Both Kurdish H and Uyghur H use initial and medial heh,
    but the pattern is different:

    Position: Isol Init Med Final
    Kurdish H: init init med init
    Uyghur H: init init med med
    Urdu: isol init init isol

    If the Urdu behaviour is called U+06be, then that is no good
    for Kurdish and Uyghur. Not only are the shapes rather different,
    but the distribution of the two shapes over the four positions


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