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Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 17:43:58 CDT

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    Andries Brouwer wrote:

    > As stated, my main interest today is in Kurdish, but nevertheless,
    > now that you brought up Uyghur, I am interested in what you think
    > the current usage is. I wrote

    >>Position: Isol Init Med Final
    >>Kurdish H: init init med init
    >>Uyghur H: init init med med

    and also

    Urdu: isol init init isol

    > that Uyghur H uses two shapes: "initial Heh" in isolated and
    > initial position, and "medial Heh" in medial and final position.

    > How would you describe current Uyghur H shaping?

    I find the descriptive convention you employ unhelpful, but whichever convention is
    employed my disagreement is in the distinction you make between the Uighur h shaping and
    the Urdu two-eye heh shaping. My research indicates that these shape the same way.

    I have put a graphic online that demonstrates Uighur shaping, comparing it to Arabic and
    Urdu shaping:

    The actual style of typeface preferred for Uighur publication is better represented by the
    MS Uighur type, designed by Mamoun Sakkal, but the shaping is the same.

    In some styles of type, the medial and final forms of the Urdu do chashmi he both resemble
    the initial and isolated forms, so that all four letter shapes have the same basic
    structure. But this is a design variation, not an encoding issue. This variation is seen
    in the Arial Unicode MS type, as illustrated in the link to which Andreas directed our
    attention earlier

    > 2) You were silent about the Kurdish part. Do you have an opinion
    > about the correct treatment of Kurdish H?

    No, although the use of a control character might be necessary based on your description.
    I believe there is a similar situation for one Persian letter.

    John Hudson

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