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From: Behnam (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 18:46:59 CDT

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    This is not a Persian letter issue. It's Arabic letter U+0647 issue
    for Arabic, old Turkish, Persian.. and now perhaps Kurdish and there
    may be more.
    What is called two eyed initial form is only used as initial form and
    doesn't need a control character.
    What is produced by control character is only because Unicode doesn't
    allow any other option but the real intended shape, 'abbreviated
    form', which BTW is wrongly presented as U+0647 in Unicode PDF, is
    never joined from the left or right. And this is true for all the
    languages I mentioned not only Persian.
    In Arabic and Persian, it is used for abbreviation and enumeration.
    In Kurdish, it might have other use. I can not comment on that.


    On 29-Aug-06, at 6:43 PM, John Hudson wrote:

    >> 2) You were silent about the Kurdish part. Do you have an opinion
    >> about the correct treatment of Kurdish H?
    > No, although the use of a control character might be necessary
    > based on your description. I believe there is a similar situation
    > for one Persian letter.
    > John Hudson

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