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Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 19:42:15 CDT

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    N. Ganesan <naa dot ganesan at gmail dot com> wrote:

    > We're able to search for Tamil blogs in Google:
    > For other languages, change ml into other script
    > names such as ml = Malayalam, ta = Tamil,
    > te = Telugu, kn = Kannada, pa = Gurmukhi (Punjab),
    > th = Thai, ko = Korean, etc.,
    > What to use for finding Sinhala, Devanagari, Bengali
    > and Khmer blog rolls in Google?

    Sinhala = si
    Bengali = bn
    Khmer = km

    Devanagari is a script, not a language. You could try "hi" to locate
    Hindi text if that is what you want. Applications that support the
    recently approved RFC 4646 (successor to RFC 3066) might allow you to
    specify a script subtag, like "sd-Deva" for Sindhi in Devanagari script,
    as opposed to "sd-Arab" for Sindhi in Arabic script.


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