Re: Problem with SSI and BOM

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 10:49:35 CST

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    Philippe Verdy schrieb:
    > if only a isolated ZWNBSP character could be treated
    > as void in HTML renderers, like are most spaces;
    > my opinion is that ZWNBSP should be made fully ignorable
    > everywhere in a document by HTML parsers

    Why should everybody else work around Microsoft's faults?
    If only Microsoft would get their software to comply with
    their own conventions! They have chosen to use the BOM
    as an encoding signature (aka "magic bytes"), throughout
    Windows XP; hence, their programs, notably IIS, should
    treat it as such, viz.
    - derive the HTTP charset parameter from it,
    - remove it from the beginning of included files,
    - check it for correspondence between all files merged
       into one single HTML source.

    As long as Microsoft has not yet done their homework,
    we may well discuss workarounds -- but only solutions
    within the system diseminating the information will
    prove sound and feasable: you cannot depend on the
    receiving side working around the faults of your server.

    My solution: I edit my HTML sources on my PC, transfer
    them to the Unix server, and there I remove the coding
    signature (using the vi program). This works, though
    not very elegantly. Of course, the file transfer program
    should handle the coding signature (the same way it handles
    the different line feeds), but as long as I can't have that,
    I will work around this problem, at the point of its
    origin -- and nowhere else.

    If I would have to use IIS instead (heaven forbid!), I would
    remove those three bytes using the good ole Debug program,
    as long as Notepad would insist on storing them, and IIS
    would not handle them properly. Again, I would work around
    the problem, at its very origin.

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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