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Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 17:47:35 CST

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    As Richard has noted, the EGYPTOLOGICAL AYIN and AIN (upper and lower case) transliteration letters are under consideration for inclusion in a future revision of Unicode. This enables a full set of traditional Egyptological transliteration characters.

    There is also work underway on integrating the Unicode transliteration scheme into the Manuel de Codage hieroglyphic encoding scheme and related software tools.

    Bob Richmond
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      When transliterating Egyptian, there is a fairly common symbol that looks like two aleph transliteration marks (U+02BE) stacked on top of each other. I believe this is the same letter that is often transliterated using a glyph that looks similar to a numeral 3, but it is not phonetically an Ezh (U+01B7 or U+0292). Has there been any official discussion of this symbol? Has it been decided to use the Ezh, or has no one proposed a double aleph before?



      Vincent Setterholm


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