Re: Should names for sexes be included into CLDR?

From: John D. Burger (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2006 - 08:44:03 CST

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    Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

    > Human sex is surely a data element that may need to be expressed in
    > a localized manner.

    > Wouldn't it be rather natural to include sex into the CLDR data
    > format, initially populating it with data from the annex?

    Lots of things need to be expressed in a localized manner. Is CLDR
    intended to be a comprehensive translation dictionary?

    Jon Hanna wrote:

    > There's another question about recording this, do we just use
    > adjectives, just nouns or adjectives, nouns and perhaps other terms
    > (man, woman, boy, girl as some English examples)?

    Exactly - this is a long road to start down.

    - John D. Burger

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