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Date: Wed Oct 04 2006 - 01:59:31 CST

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    > RFC 4690 documents a certain number of difficulties resulting of the
    > choice of Unicode as the reference table of the punycode process.

    Not at all (I mention this for the people who still read Jefsey's

    The RFC is available here:

    and does not discuss the choice of Unicode. Quite the contrary:

    4.1.6. Use of the Unicode Character Set in the IETF

       Unicode and the closely-related ISO 10646 are the only coded
       character sets that aspire to include all of the world's characters.
       As such, they permit use of international characters without having
       to identify particular character coding standards or tables. The
       requirement for a single character set is particularly important for
       use with the DNS since there is no place to put character set
       identification. The decision to use Unicode as the base for IETF
       protocols going forward is discussed in [RFC2277]. The IAB does not
       see any reason to revisit the decision to use Unicode in IETF

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