Re: Unicode and RFC 4690

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2006 - 01:32:08 CST

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    From: Jefsey_Morfin
    > So, I repeat my question: has a unique grapheme system been tried somewhere?

    I don't think this is even needed for IDN. The protocol should not go beyond recognizing that there does exist characters that MAY cause grapheme confusion, and there are solutions currently developed that satisfy the most urgent needs; notably, by:
    * avoiding labels using multiple scripts and informing users when an IDN label may contain confusable characters. This is for the immediate client-side need.
    * developing a standard within the DNS that allows each DNS server to specify which set of non confusable characters it accepts for registration as subdomain names. Why not simply a DNS record that contains an URL or references a common domain name whose data contain the rules, notably the subset of characters each DNS supports in its assigned or delegated labels ? This is for the server-side long-term solution.
    * develop a standard for clients that allow selecting the appropriate character to use between a set of confusables, so that they display and transmit correctly encoded labels. This would solve the limitation on labels with multiple scripts, which are not always confusable.

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