RE: Sanskrit: Consonant R before Vowel R

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 12:43:50 CST

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    In Vista, <0930, 094D, 090B> will display as reph on letter vocalic R; <0930, 094D, 200C, 090B> will display as RA-halant + letter vocalic R.


    र्ऋ <0930, 094D, 090B>

    र्‌ऋ <0930, 094D, 200C, 090B>





    Peter Constable


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    Subject: Sanskrit: Consonant R before Vowel R


    I already found this thread from the year 2000:


     Subject: Devanagari Consonant RA Rule R2


    What is the current situation?


    What is the correct Unicode way to write "consonant r before vowel r"

    in the Devanagari script?

    The repha form of consonant U+0930 should be displayed on top of

    vowel U+090B.



    Which existing programs will show this combination correctly?






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