Re: Sanskrit: Consonant R before Vowel R

From: Vinod Kumar (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2006 - 06:20:58 CST

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    TUS 2 and 3 had the independent vowel as part of R2, but TUS 4 does not have
    it. Has it been brought back into TUS 5 please? If not <Ra Halant vowel>
    should be treated as two syllables <Ra Halant> and <vowel>.

    So how can one render <vowelRu> with Reph? We feel that it has to be
    composed by rendering vowelRu followed by the rendering of independent Reph
    sign. Now how does one render an independent (stand alone Reph). Unicode 4
    says that <Rra Halant ZWJ> will render as the eyelash. For compatibility
    with TUS 2, it says <Ra Halant ZWJ> will also render as eyelash (in 5.1a).
    We in IndiX took some liberties with this backward compatibility
    requirement. IndiX suggests and implements that
    <Ra Halant ZWJ> will be rendered as the stand alone Reph.

    So to get the reph over Ru, IndiX suggests
    <vowelRu Ra halant ZWJ> as the sequence.

    I enclose a pdf file showing the character sequence and the display.


    Vinod Kumar
    Project IndiX

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