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Date: Fri Oct 13 2006 - 06:12:12 CST

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    > At 08:03 +0200 2006-10-13, Jony Rosenne wrote:
    > >The majority of the people of the earth cannot read Roman letters.
    > I don't believe that's true. Prove it? It's certainly the case that
    > the majority of the people of the earth are regularly exposed to
    > Latin letters.

    Romanized Letters -- more than half the people in the world have been taught
    romanized letters a some point in time. eg Chinese Pinyin, and romanized
    letters are used predominately in North and South America, and Western Europe.
    In Africa Eclsih and French are used widely in eduaction, not to mention
    African languages that use romanized letters. Not to mention the use of English
    in commonwealth contries (India, Malaysia ). It would be fair to say over half
    the world's population have been taught over 20 romanized letters, however it
    would be fair to say less than half the world's population are sensitive to
    romanized letters.

    > >A vaster majority speak no foreign language.
    > Monolingualism is not the default state for human beings, actually,
    > though in some larger social groups of the present age it may be true.
    > --
    > Michael Everson *

    Agreed as the joke goes what do you call some-one who is monolingual "A native
    speaker of English".
    John Knightley

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