Re(2): extracting code values from PDF?

From: Olaf Drümmer (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2006 - 06:33:37 CST

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    I have sometimes had issues with copying text from Adobe Reader or
    Acrobat straight to some other application, as some copy&paste stuff is
    going on behind the scenes that is beyond my understanding.

    Something the following has often saved me (may require at least Acrobat
    7, won't work with the free Reader):

    - in Acrobat select a text in a PDF
    - press Cntrl-B (to create a bookmark)
    - find your text in the bookmark
    - then
        - copy from the bookmark to your destination application
        - save the PDF and open it in a 'raw' editor, locate the string for
    that bookmark and retrieve it as Unicode from there.

    Olaf Druemmer

    Olaf Druemmer | Managing Director
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    >Jukka K. Korpela schrieb:
    >> On Windows, for example, you can select a piece of text (or even a single
    >> character) in Adobe Reader using the text select tool, copy it onto the
    >> clipboard, paste it in MS Word or WordPad, position the cursor after a
    >> character and press Alt-x.
    >For me (German UI), this works only in WordPad.
    >In Word, however, Alt-x opens the Tools menu (which is
    >termed "E??x?tras", in German).
    >Thanks, Jukka, for pointing us to that trrick.
    >Best wishes,
    >   Otto Stolz

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