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Date: Mon Nov 13 2006 - 09:38:40 CST

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    Hans Aberg wrote:
    > I am only addressing it from the mathematicians point of view, were
    > one wants something looking good enough for expressing the correct math.
    I can fully understand that, but I’m sure you agree that there are
    rarely any publications that contain *only* math.
    > Actually, I came across the link. It seems to contain a good idea,
    > namely, an language using ASCII for inputting Unicode.
    I believe that the Office 2007 system also "understands" MathML. But the
    input method of mathematics is an issue completely separate from issues
    regarding fonts and rendering.
    > For more complex math, one needs something corresponding to a macro
    > system; perhaps some lambda calculus may be used here, as a macro
    > system quickly becomes rather crippling. In addition, I think an
    > analysis of the math (human, natural) language is needed, to one can
    > have develop a semantically correct syntax. I do not pretend this will
    > come easy. :-)
    ...I’m sure you mean "math (human, natural) language*s*". I believe an
    analysis of just one language (for example, only Russian, or only Farsi,
    or only English etc.) will not be greatly helpful.

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